Our goal is to strive to help with any kind of habitat that we can.  We specialize in wildlife habitat but we handle all types of vegetation/habitat issues.  God gave us our vegetation and the animals who eat it and we are charged with taking care of both.  We would like to think that our work is pleasing to God and beneficial to man as well as wildlife.

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Habitat Management

We do just about anything that can be done to a piece of property, whether it be taking down hazard trees in one of the many recreational parks we take care of or spraying nuisance invasive weeds on someone’s personal tree farm.

Pre Commercial Thinning

We take care of over 16,000 acres for our largest client and we also do residential work.

Tree Planting

large trees, hedges and orchards


large trees, hedges and orchards


We build fences to deter trespass issues and to keep wildlife out.

Eliminate Nuisance Invasive Weeds

We take care of or spraying nuisance invasive weeds… personal tree farms to large commercial stands, and anywhere weeds present a problem.


spray all types of herbicides


spray forestry units to protect seedlings

Invasive Weeds

Himalayan blackberry, scotch broom, tansy ragwort, Canadian thistle and Reed Canary grass, and others


Allowing benificeal forage for animals

Hazard Tree Removal

All types of tree work including hazard tree removal, climbing trees for hazard limb issues, tree planting, and pruning.


We have climbers who are very skilled at rappelling


Our professionals can  remove your most difficult problem trees

Chipping and Removal

We have the equiptment to remove waste and clean up your property

hazard limb removal

climbing trees for hazard limb issues


“These guys are the best!
Very competent…
and easy to work with.”

Tom Wilson

Mike & Mary and crews make me think of honesty, flexibility, hardworking, and fun to work with! 


Wildlife Habitat Management has been easy to work with and I’ve been pleased with their knowledge.  They have the tools and personnel to do a job effectively and efficiently.   More importantly I’ve liked the results with their brush and grass control management for my seedlings.

Rick Dunning RiverickTimber

We are Available 24/7

Basically, if you need someone to spray anything on your property or help with forestry management call us.  If you need a tree taken down on your property and cleaned up, call us.
References available  upon request from Pacificorp, Chilton Logging and Transalta power as well as a host of private individuals.

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